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We Too Want Independence

The Americans celebrate Fourth of July as Independence Day, the commemoration of the struggle for autonomous decision-making about their own country. The US Embassy in Prague organized an official celebration of this event on Wednesday 2.7.

At the same time, the No to Bases Initiative staged a happening entitled “We Too Want Independence”. As the spokesperson of the Initiative Jan Májíček said: “The Americans have fought out their independence and sovereignty of decision-making about own territory and we demand that as well. Like the Americans we do not want that the affairs of our country be decided on the other side of Atlantic”.

“We would like to remind that nearly a two-thirds of Czech citizens wish referendum in which they could decide on their own whether we allow another country to build a strategic military installation on our soil,” added the second spokesperson Ivona Novomestská.

The happening was held on Wednesday 2.7. at 11:00 in front of the residence of the US Ambassador at the address Zikmunda Wintra 3, Prague 6. 


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