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Český jaderný fyzik píše George W. Bushovi kvůli radaru

23.10.2007 - Ladislav Andrey
President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President George W. Bush:

Let me start with a reminiscence. It happened during a late night of August 21, 1968 when I was awaked by big noise of airplanes. I just enjoyed  my first summer vacation as a freshman of nuclear physics at the house of my parents in the Eastern Slovakia. Well, I was the student of Faculty of Nuclear Physics and Engineering in Prague at that time. They called the invasion (a communist party) “brotherly help”. In fact it meant  the end of Prague Spring of 1968. Only later I understood the occupation of former Czechoslovakia by “friendly troops of Soviet Union and others” in 1968 was realized under the so called Brezhnev doctrine. By other words, Brezhnev disused the situation with the membership of Czechoslovakia in the Warsaw Pact in spite of international laws and agreements to occupy an another state. Surprisingly to us, Lyndon Johnson, then President of US said nothing to occupation. The process of normalization started in the former Czechoslovakia. The Soviet ballistic missiles installed  in Czechoslovakia during the period of cold war were dispatched  only after a turnover here, in 1989!

So far, so good. Alas, a situation in the world dramatically changed after your invasion to Iraq. It is clear now your attack has been realized under false and fabricated conditions. That’s, of course, immoral having nothing in common with democracy. Even worse, as one cannot transform the above mentioned Brezhnev doctrine to something you like to call “an export of democracy”. The invasion and occupation of Iraq together with all consequences of that is in fact the violation of international laws and humanity. You should know this as a member of humanity organization. Please, beware of these matters, even if your sectarian religion could tell you possibly, just opposite! One cannot play a malicious game with the God, as A. Einstein used to say. You can harvest fruits of your action, already. In formerly secular Iraq your invasion has brought there real terrorists of Al Kaida, as well as local religious and civic wars. On the other hand, “your export of democracy” has led to a degradation of Iraq people, their culture and to an economic disaster not only to Iraq but in perspective to US economy, as well. The US under your Presidency meet troubles with keeping the world leadership in some fields of science and technology. Do you know what is an opinion at the best US universities people about you and your actions? That’s terrible and irritable, isn’t it?

Now to the point of my letter. It concerns your and your Administration decision to build up a huge radar base near Prague. Believe me, Mr. President, that news have shocked me and people here. The reason for is very simple. The propaganda here tells us that the radar base will be used (together with a missile base in Poland, with ten midcourse interceptor missiles which are an unproven defense against a long-range ballistic missile attack- see the APS News, July 4, 2007, sic!) against Iranian and even North Korean ballistic nuclear missiles. Excuse me, please, but such argumentation seems to be on the level as that of your invasion to Iraq! I cannot help to stop even to suspect you are using the same kind of false and fabricated propaganda of Brezhnev style. As the physicist, and even nuclear physicist, I know for sure this is a poor nonsense, for many reasons: technical, physical, geographical, military, cultural… It is really not necessary to go to details here.

In the above context, let me on the other hand to tell you, as you probably should know, Prague is a unique city in a sense it has been never destroyed during any war! People use to say that because Prague is so beautiful that in any time in history attackers finally decided to preserve a beauty of Prague for next generations. Only a little suburb of Prague was bombed by US fighters during the 2nd world war. There are rumors it was a mistake when Dresden was also destroyed. So, please think and realize, to build a huge radar base near Prague it would be a highest degree of irresponsibility of historical size not only to people of Prague but also to big cultural world level heritage Prague holds for centuries, as in architecture (since Roman to postmodern, and especially the world unique baroque), music, literature, and culture in general. Probably you can better comprehend this when I tell you the famous brewery called U Fleku with its world wide delicious stout started to operate precisely in the year the America was discovered by the navigator and colonialist C. Columbus in 1492 (see Wikipedia)!

Mr. President, accept this letter as my deep personal appeal to you and all deliberate American people, and especially American scientists to stop that foolish project with your radar base near Prague! It would be the only good decision on the edge of new millennium not only for people here, US but all the world.

In deep hope and belief,
Truly yours

Ladislav Andrey
(Academy of Sciences, Prague and member of AMS, APS, NYAS, and others scientific organizations; honored as American Men of Science- never a communist party member, the only free lance scientist in the former Czechoslovakia during a communist regime) 

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