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Letter: We disagree with the evacuation of the spot height

On Monday 9th, the Czech army intervened on the spot height 718 in Brdy military district, where Greenpeace activists had been protesting against the planned U.S. radar base. The activists were expelled and the place is being enclosed by a kilometers-long barbed wire.

Obviously, the army acted on political instruction. The prime minister Miroslav Topolánek and the minister of defence Vlasta Parkanová bear full responsibility for this suppressing of a civil protest.  

Thus, please send one of the sample letters /see below/ to Czech officials as an expression of disapproval with the intervention. Both individuals and organizations, EU and non-EU citizens can do that - just sign the appropriate letter and send it to the therein mentioned address.

And most importantly, the last two letters are to be sent to the European parliament, so that the foreign institutions must deal with the situation in Czech republic.

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