The base will increase international tension and intensify an international arms race!

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Because many people have already raised the question about how they can contribute to the No Bases Initiative, we have set up a bank account. The account is transparent and in order to have an overview about how we use your contribution you can check and have a look at the account on this web page link at any time.

The contributions will be used only for covering important costs such as activities against the placement of the American base on our territory. Most of the costs cover for example: press and copying of leaflets, posters, information materials, technical support of demonstrations and conferences (sound, stage, rental of places, etc.), making the slogan boards and props, administrating the domain and web hosting, sending the letters, juridical duties and many other small things. All the activity is entirely organized by volunteers for free and in their free time.

You can send your contributions to the Initiative on the following bank account, administered by Raiffeisenbank.

IBAN: CZ7655000000002720320001

In case of further questions please contact us at:

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