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Prague 8.7.2008: The Demonstration Against the Treaty's Signature


The US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is expected to come to Prague on 8th of July in order to sign the treaty on radar base with her Czech counterpart.

If our government believes that the citizens remain silent to this fierce effort to conclude hastily such a controversial agreement, so the government is mistaken. 

    On Tuesday 8th of July at 18:00 on the Wenceslav Square
                                                 in Prague
                        there will be a DEMONSTRATION

Citizens who do not want any foreign military bases on our soil, will tell the politicians their resolute „No“.

This opinion has been prevailing among Czech population already two years and the visits of US officials could not change it. The ultimate decision belongs to parliament elected by citizens and directly responsible to them.

So we call upon all Czech citizens, crown your long-lasting attitude by expressing clear disapproval on the demonstration. And please don't forget to take banners, whistles, flags, banners with the name of your city or village (if you are from regions) etc.

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