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Human chain against radar


On 21st of August the No Bases Initiative organized two protests against the plan of the American administrative to build a radar base in Czech republic.

The first action was a happening called “the exchange of protectors”. Activists dressed as soldiers with three different uniforms paraded successively on a lying map of Czech(oslovakia) to point out that our country seems again to be falling into subordination to foreign (great) power, for the third time in this century.

The happening began on the Wenceslav Square at 10:00 near the permanent petition stand that existed by that time already for 1560 hours.

The second action called “Human chain against radar” started at 17:00 near the Palach Square. About 513 individuals, including some opposition's deputies, joined to one another hands in hands into a chain that symbolized their common resistance against the two-years long arrogant conduct of Czech government that has no mandate to decide on the integration into the American missile “defense” system.

The human chain led to the Parliament of Czech republic where an appeal to deputies was made: “Neither we, nor other voters gave you the mandate to vote for a new foreign military presence in our country,” so the statement that highlighted a link between today's protests and the events before 40 years.

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