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Canadian Military Questions US Motives For Missile Defence

8.11.2008 - The National Post /

'Rogue' states no threat:

Canadian planners say goal is to solidify American power

Canadian military planners believe the real aim of a U.S.-sponsored proposal for a North American missile defence system is to solidify American military and political power, rather than protect against so-called "rogue" states, according to Department of National Defence briefing papers.

At a closed-door military briefing in Ottawa last Nov. 15, Canadian defence policy officials pointed out the threat posed by nations such as North Korea or Iran is, at best, secondary to the main aim of the ballistic missile defence.

"Arguably [it is] more in order to preserve U.S./NATO freedom of action than because U.S. really fears North Korean or Iranian missile threat," read briefing documents prepared for the meeting, which were obtained under the Access to Information Act.

"[Intelligence] assessment are that those regimes would never lob ICBMs [intercontinental ballistic missiles] at the U.S. or allies unless their very survival was at stake."

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Source (Canadian): Pugliese, David. Canadian Military Questions US Motives For Missile Defence. The National Post, 24.05.2000

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