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Prague 21.10.2008: Demonstration against ratification of radar treaties

8.11.2008 - No to Bases initiative
On Tuesday 21th of October, few hundreds of people assembled on the Palach Square in Prague to support the demonstration of the No to Bases initiative that reacts against the expected inclusion of the radar treaties on the program of the Chamber of Deputies.

Approximately at 18:00 the gathering began to walk together onto the second bank of the Vltava river. The March arrived at the announced terminal place of the action – to the American Embassy, where citizens protested against the power politics of the leaving Bush administration.

Some demonstrators also managed to get to the surroundings of the nearby Parliament where they wanted to tell their opinion directly to politicians, but the policemen blocked the way. The assembled citizens were then asked by the organizers to end this part of protest, because it is outlawed to demonstrate close to the Parliament.

But even from the distance the government must have heard the message that was chanted: ”resign!“

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