The base will increase international tension and intensify an international arms race!

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The stance of No Bases Initiative on the new American president

The No Bases Initiative welcomes the fact that the new American president will be Barack Obama. The success of the Democratic candidate shows that the majority of US citizens wish a change contrary to existing policy. Barack Obama is also agreeable to the world's public, particularly because of his sense of international cooperation and diplomatic way of dealing with problems. Expectations of him are significant.

It seems to be a right time now to reject the radar – the bilateral treaties about it, signed without public consent, embody only a relic of the leaving administration. The upcoming president wants to begin doing foreign policy differently. We can best help him by abandoning the radar adventure, and start to speak about new forms of transatlantic cooperation between the United States and Europe as a whole.

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Jana Glivická, tel. 721 829 641, email:

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