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US Ambassador snooped around Czech opposition party

26.1.2009 - / Právo

Some of the Social Democrat politicians are disgruntled by the behaviour of the staff at the American Embassy in Prague, who openly try to probe the situation inside the strongest opposition party. They are particularly interested in the position of its chief, Jiří Paroubek.

According to the information in the Pravo newspaper, the reason for such ill humour is a letter from the Embassy addressed to the chair of the Prague branch of CSSD party and to the shadow minister of defense, Petr Hulínsky.

In it, the Americans impart their points of interest in anticipation of a coming meeting between the Embassy Secretary, Michael Campbell, the political analyst Jana Kernerova, and a Social Democrat politician. They even probe such details as whether Paroubek makes key decisions himself or whether he can be influenced, or what are the power structures within the CSSD party. 

What are the US Embassy's questions?

1) What are the CSSD's policies towards Russia and whether their stand on the anti-missile defences has been influenced by Russian threats.

2) Why has the party invited a Russian general to speak to the Social Democracy membership exactly on the day when the American foreign minister Rice was signing the missile defence treaty in Prague.

3) How strong is Paroubek's control of the party, and will the situation remain unchanged should the Autumn elections prove unsuccessful.

4) What is the usual process of decision making within the party; does Paroubek make key decisions himself, and in what situations.

5) Why did four members of parliament leave the Social Democrat club and is this something that might bear on the party's relationship with the government.
6) How much control has Paroubek over his deputies and what are the power structures within the CSSD party.


Source (Czech): Americká ambasáda zjišťuje, jak silná je pozice Paroubka v ČSSD., 25.8.2008 (translation No to Bases initiative)


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