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Brzezinski: There is no threat at present

14.2.2009 - Zbignew Brzezinski, euro|topics
US security expert Zbignew Brzezinski has said on Czech television that the new US President Barack Obama will no longer pursue the controversial missile defence project in Eastern Europe.

The Prague newspaper Pražský deník is jubilant: "Good bye, radar. These plans should be locked away in the bottom drawer and the key thrown away. Brzezinski repeated the arguments put forward by Bush opponents in the past. The radar is based on a technology that doesn't work; Europe, which it is supposed to protect, doesn't want it, and there is no threat at present. (...)"

Source: The end for the missile shield in Eastern Europe? euro|topics, 2.2.2009
(an English summary of Czech article written by journalist Ivan Hoffman in the daily "Pražský deník")  

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