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Obama's Adviser: Missiles for Europe put on ice

15.2.2009 - The Observer / The Guardian
The Obama administration sought to mend fences with Moscow today after years of drifting into hostility, offering to shelve the Pentagon's contentious missile shield in central Europe and to work with the Russians on arms control and a host of other issues.


While Biden offered the Russians a policy shift towards co-operation and consultation, Barack Obama's national security adviser, General James Jones, told the Observer that plans to put parts of the Pentagon's missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic – a project that Moscow says could trigger a new arms race – were being put on ice and that talks on the shield would be broadened.

"We're interested in having a fresh look at each of our [foreign] policies. We're undergoing major policy reviews. Missile defence is one of those policies being reviewed. We will consult with our friends and allies and we'll take a fresh look at it."


Source (British): Obama administration offers olive branch to Russia and Iran. The Guardian (The Observer), 7.2.2009
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