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The Czech government failed

On Tuesday, March 17th, the Government of the Czech Republic sent the proposal to ratify the two treaties on the placement of the US radar on Czech territory to the Chamber of Deputies. After a failed day of intense politicking the government did not even wait the lawmakers to vote and withdrew its ratification proposal.

The No Bases Initiative points out that the very same government has been trying to deceive the Czech public for more than three years by claiming that the installation of the radar base is crucial for the country. Let us recall the words of Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek (at the 18th Assembly of his Civic Democratic Party - ODS): “Now we have brought up a matter that has always been and will always be the linchpin of our foreign policy: the Euro-Atlantic partnership. It is our responsibility towards today’s and the future citizens of this country to remain a strong relationship with the US and not to let our determination to defend it slip. We should never allow this country sneakily crawling back into Russia’s sphere of influence. This is the real reason why the radar base should be built in our country. If only for this, it is worth to maintain this government.” After the Prime Minister announced the withdrawal of the ratification proposal for these supposedly crucial treaties, it is necessary to ask whether this government still has any raison d'être.

There is apparently no sufficient political support for this project (apart from the fact that the vast majority of the Czech citizens is against it), not just in the Czech Republic but also not in the international political scene, where the Czech government’s plans only caused some eyebrows to raise.  

The No Bases Initiative marks that we have witnessed another major failure of the Czech government which has been trying to push through this highly controversial US project for almost three years. By this recent step the chances have dramatically increased that the radar base won’t be deployed in the Czech Republic. Yesterday’s revocation is the result of the constant opposition of the Czech public and the long-term and intense efforts of the No Bases Initiative.

The No Bases Initiative will continue organizing protests against the installation of the foreign military base. The next planned event is the demonstration against radar on the occasion of the Barack Obama’s visit to Prague. The protest will take place on Sunday, the April 5th, at 3:00 PM on the Wenceslas Square in Prague.

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