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No Bases Initiative in the European Parliament

31.3.2009 - The No Bases Initiative
On Wednesday 25.03.2009 a conference "No to Bases" took place in European Parliament in Strasbourg arranged by European Left, European antiwar organizations and International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases. 

The meeting focused on the American military presence in Europe and the coordination of a joint posture on this issue on the European level. Participants from Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Great Britain, Sweden and other countries were present. Along with seminars, mostly led by German deputy Tobias Pflueger, an afternoon hearing in the European Parliament occurred.

"American military bases are a longstanding topic on the European agenda. The Czech republic offers a new perspective of a country, where this problem became a principal political cleavage, in which the pro-radar government succumbed to the persistent opposition on various levels. This also culminated in the vote of no confidence for the government on Tuesday 24th of March," said Jana Glivicka, the spokesperson of the No Bases Initiative, who appeared at the event.

The No Bases Initiative states that the international cooperation was always an integral part of its efforts. The European Parliament represents an important forum, where the matter of military bases should be discussed. After the Topolanek's government's adventurous bilateral experiment with dysfunctional arms systems is finished, we will have to seek a realistic and sustainable defense policy.

Press spokespersons:
Jan Majicek, tel. 604 357 215, email:
Jana Glivicka, tel. 721 829 641, email:


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