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Record 150 000 signatures for referendum

31.3.2009 - The No Bases Initiative
The No Bases Initiative states with pleasure, that we managed to assemble in last months thousands of new signatures under our petition demanding nation-wide referendum on the issue of planned American military
radar base in the Czech Republic. The total number
of all signatures thus surpasses the unprecedented amount of 150 000

Since the Velvet Revolution no civic campaign gained such a vast public support. We therefore would like to thank everyone who was gathering the signatures, who was sending us the filled petition sheets or who "just" added his or her name to the demand of referendum. Right now, with the forthcoming early election, the question of possible referendum returns back on the political agenda.

On Wednesday 1.4. at 9:30 a.m. in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the newest packs of signatures will be handed over personally by the spokespersons of the Initiative to the Chairperson of the authorized Committee on Petitions JUDr. Zuzka Bebarova-Rujbrova.

Press spokespersons:
Jan Majicek, tel. 604 357 215, email:
Jana Glivicka, tel. 721 829 641, email:


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