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Obama in Prague: Tell him we do not want the radar

2.4.2009 - The No Bases Initiative

On occasion of the visit of the new American president Barack Obama to the Czech Republic the No Bases Initiative organizes a demonstration against the planned US missile defense radar. The protest will occur on Sunday,
April 5th, at 15:00 PM (CET) on the Wenceslas Square in Prague
. A march will then proceed to the Prague Congress Centre, a venue of the US-EU summit.

Along with the No Bases Initiative spokespersons, many guests will address
the protestors including: Jan Neoral, the mayor of Trokavec and representative
of the Mayors' League Against The Radar, popular director Zdeněk Troška, leaders of the parliamentary opposition against radar, and many others.

The No Bases Initiative will also distribute a special issue of its bulletin dedicated to interviews with famous Czech personalities. The whole rally will be accompanied by live music, as the recent fall of the pro-radar government
is a reason for a little celebration. 

The demonstration’s goal is to show the American President and the world media that, as far as the missile defense is concerned, the governing politicians do not represent the predominant public opinion
of the Czech people
, which indeed has been constantly against the military base for almost three years. 

Press spokespersons:
Jan Majicek, tel. + 420 604 357 215, email:
Jana Glivicka, tel. + 420 721 829 641, email:

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