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Obama Arrives in Prague Amid Shield Protests

13.4.2009 - The Washington Post

Like elsewhere in Europe, President Obama received the red-carpet treatment when he arrived in the Czech Republic on Saturday. But he was also greeted by crowds of demonstrators who have nearly succeeded in defeating a key component of the Pentagon's missile-defense shield and want Obama to bury the project for good.

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Obama has said he has doubts about whether the interceptors will work and has questioned whether the project is affordable, but has not pulled the plug on the project. That has prompted opponents to plan large-scale demonstrations Sunday -- when Obama is scheduled to make an open-to-the-public speech at Prague Castle.

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Jana Glivicka, a spokeswoman for group called the No Bases Initiative, said many Czechs think highly of Obama and have been encouraged that he has expressed doubts about the missile shield. But she said she doubted Obama would go so far as to bury it.

The only way to do that -- or at least to ensure that the Czechs play no role in the project -- is to pressure Czech lawmakers to kill the treaty, she said.


Source (American): Whitlock, Craig. Czechs Could Shoot Down Hope for Missile Defense (the original title from 4.4. was "Obama Arrives in Prague Amid Shield Protests"). The Washington Post, 05.04.2009

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