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Speech of Jana Glivicka at the Demonstration 5.4.2009

23.4.2009 - Jana Glivicka
Once more: thank you all for coming today. 

At the beginning, let me take the liberty to make a private remark. In May two years ago, a demonstration against the radar took place here on the Wenceslas Square. Some of you surely have kept it in mind. I remember it was sultry hot then, but we walked round as far as to the Hradčany Square after all. That time, I would not probably have believed that we would meet in the Wenceslas Square even after two years. And that the government would make a complete fool of itself and have to withdraw those absolutely crucial radar treaties from the parliament. And I had no idea that a week after, the government would finally please us by being dissolved. 

But now thanks to what we have achieved during those two years, I even believe something else – we will succeed and follow through our job. And I think this is the feeling we should leave today with. The feeling that we will simply manage it. The treaties have not been ratified, but this is not enough. We want them to be voted down. We know it will be easier if we stick together. Everybody who would like to learn more about our Initiative and to join us is heartily welcome. 

We have another reason to believe that we will finally win the battle. The aversion to foreign military bases is not over at the Czech frontier. The United States have about one thousand military bases outside their territory throughout the world. One thousand, this is an incredible, but real number. 

Two years ago, people from all over the world came together in Ecuador. The international network for abolishing foreign military bases was born. Perhaps at that time, Czech peaceful movement also started looking through the frontier. 

After two years, we are much heard abroad again. We were in Washington in February and there happened something many people would not have expected here two years ago. Perhaps the entire American anti-war movement got together for a week. And the result was that the struggle against military bases became one of the priorities. The same applies to Europe. It makes great sense. One thousand military bases – this is not peaceful infrastructure, just on the contrary.  

We can simply initiate the promised turn by building no new bases more. And we know that we are able to say here today: Yes, we can.

We are standing here now although some people did not wish it, for instance those in the Prague's City Hall. We already know the policy to announce via media that the demonstration has been prohibited in order to discourage people. The City Hall tried to do this twice; we have been at the court twice and won the both cases. Even this demonstration has been threatened by official ban. In the end, only the march has been forbidden, but it will follow along the agreed alternative route – right now.


Jana Glivicka is a university student of logic and philosophy and a spokesperson of the No Bases Initiative


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