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Speech of Daniel Solis at the Demonstration 5.4.2009

29.4.2009 - Daniel Solis
Dr. Daniel Solis, a member of the Democratic Party of the Greens and a representative of the parliamentary opposition against the radar, addressed the demonstration as a guest.  

                                           •          •          •

Good afternoon, dear friends, we are really from the Democratic Party of the Greens, and that is why we want to address the President of the United States of America as a democrat. 

Mr. President Obama, you are a democrat and so you know that people’s wishes are more important than those of arm industry companies, dictatorial regimes or backstage plotters. 

Do therefore hear the vox populi, the call of the nation whose capital you praised in your speech today, whose history and culture you appreciated. The call of this nation says: No to the radar! 

No to the radar, Mr. Obama. And thank you for having brought us the message to all the world that the greatest arms exporter, the greatest arms manufacturer and user is going to take the first step to disarmament and liquidation of the world’s nuclear arsenal. 

Thank you Mr. Obama, we like you and please help us to put the vox populi through. Let us be democrats. 

Thank you Mr. Obama, thank you ladies and gentlemen. Have a nice day.


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