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Two thirds of Czechs against U.S. radar base

1.5.2009 - Czech Press Agency (CTK)
More than two thirds of Czechs, or 68 percent, are opposed to the stationing of a U.S. radar base on Czech soil ... according to a CVVM poll. (...) Two thirds of the polled citizens, or 70 percent, said people should decide about
the radar base in a referendum.  

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Source (Czech): Two thirds of Czechs against U.S. radar base - poll. ČTK, 15.04.2009

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Czech Press Agency (Česká tisková kancelář, ČTK) is the official main Czech press agency, whose reports are usually reproduced by the majority of Czech newspapers and news servers. Some of the CTK's reports are released in English as well.

CVVM is the abbreviation of "the Public Opinion Research Centre"
that is a scholarly workplace under the Institute of Sociology of the Academy
of Sciences of the Czech Republic (SOÚ AV ČR).

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