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U.S.-Russian Team Deems Missile Shield in Europe Ineffective

21.5.2009 - The Washington Post
A planned U.S. missile shield to protect Europe from a possible Iranian attack would be ineffective against the kinds of missiles Iran is likely to deploy, according to a joint analysis by top U.S. and Russian scientists. 


They conclude that it would take Iran at least another six to eight years to produce a missile with enough range to reach Southern Europe and that only illicit foreign assistance or a concerted and highly visible, decade-long effort might produce the breakthroughs needed for a nuclear-tipped missile to threaten the United States. 

Moreover, if Iran were to build a nuclear-capable missile that could strike Europe, the defense shield proposed by the United States "could not engage that missile," the report says. The missile interceptors could also be easily fooled by decoys and other simple countermeasures, the report concludes. 


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Source (American): Warrick, Joby / Smith Jeffrey R. "U.S.-Russian Team Deems Missile Shield in Europe Ineffective", The Washington Post, Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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