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European Missile Defense Must Respond to Real Threat

13.8.2009 - House of Representatives, House Armed Services Committee

Following are the excerpts from the "Missile Defense
Fact Sheet" released by the House of Representatives
on the 16th of June 2009 in regard to the budget
proposal for the upcoming fiscal year:

(...) (...)

The proposed GMD Site in Poland would provide no protection against Iran’s existing inventory of short-and medium-range ballistic missile that currently threaten our NATO allies in Southern Europe.

Any future missile defense system deployed in Europe must be part of a comprehensive approach that addresses the most likely threats on a prioritized basis.


NATO did not request that the United States deploy long-range missile defense interceptors in Europe.


Given that the Czech government recently collapsed, it is unclear if the Czech Republic will ever ratify the agreement.

Poland has made clear that its prime objective is improving overall strategic cooperation with the United States, not missile defense. Missile defense is merely a means to reaching a desired end-state.

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