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National demonstration: Thousands protested in Prague against planned base


Press release: Thousands protested in Prague against planned base

May 26, 2007. Prague, Czech Republic

Several thousand protesters gathered in Prague today during demonstration against planned US radar base in the Czech Republic. Protesters traveled from across the country and included people of all ages, backgrounds and political affiliations. The demonstration was organized by the “No to the Bases” initiative, which formed in July 2006 and actively opposes the US administration plan to build National Missile Defense (NMD) base in the Czech Republic.

“Our demonstrations are bigger and bigger every time and ever more important people from the cultural, environmental and political areas are participating,” said Jan Tamas, spokesperson for the initiative. “But we are not going to stop now, we will come again in less than two weeks during the visit of President Bush on June 4th.”

After the speeches the demonstration continued with the protest march to Prague’s castle – the seat of the President. During the march protesters were calling for national referendum, rejected the base and called for the resignation of the government.


The initiative currently unites 50 Czech and international organizations opposing the US plan to establish a new military base in the Czech Republic. It was formed in July 2006 and calls for a national referendum on this issue. Its website address is


Jan Tamas, Ph.D.

+420 776 785 839

Jan Májíček

+420 604 357 215

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