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Bus with protesters against US base travels throughout the Czech Republic


Plzeň, Czech Republic
October 24, 2007

A bus "Nezákladňák" (in Czech language meaning No-Baser) left Prague yesterday for a nearly 3000 km long journey across the Czech Republic. The bus is the latest activity of the nation-wide "No to the Bases" initiative, which opposes the US plan to build a military base in the country.

After taking off from Prague the bus first stopped in Příbram about 60 south of Prague. Its crew met with the leader of League of Mayors against the Radar Josef Řihák there. The bus then continued to České Budějovice in the southern part of the country meeting with hundreds of people there and collecting signatures on the petition calling for national referendum on this issue.

"We have met with a very positive feedback, people brought us apples, cakes and other food to eat during our journey," said Jan Tamáš, the spokesperson of the initiative. "We did not have to worry about any meals so far because people took care of us."

The second day journey passed through the military area Brdy, the planned location for the US radar. Several stops have been made there and hundreds of signatures collected. The protesters are also inviting people for a national demonstration on November 17 in Prague, which will take place during national holiday celebrating the end of communism. They are also distributing thousands of brochures about the radar which cover the most important issues related to the radar.

"I am happy that I have a chance to participate in this very important activity, because I strongly disagree with the US project to install two new military bases in central Europe," said Luigi D'Aria - French humanist who has been traveling with the bus during the first two days and helping with organizing the events in different towns.

The tour across the country continues until Wednesday, October 31 when it will reach Ostrava in northern Moravia and end there. The bus with its crew will then return to Prague.

The "No to the Bases" initiative formed in July 2006 and currently involves more than 60 different organizations that actively oppose the US plan to install a military base as part of the National Missile Defense System in the Czech Republic. The initiative also collected more than 70 thousand signatures on a petition calling for a national referendum on this issue. Its website is


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