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Thousands of Czechs will protest against the US Missile Shield in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

November 11, 2007

“No to the Bases” initiative organizes a national demonstration on November 17, 2007 at 4pm in Prague’s Wenceslas Square. The demonstration takes place during 18th anniversary of the “Velvet revolution” in the Czech Republic. It will call for a national referendum on the issue of the planned US military base in the Czech Republic. According to the latest polls, 68% of Czechs oppose the US plan.

“We have joined hands with the students, trade unions and mayors and are organizing this common demonstration to show our opposition to the US plan to install a military base in our country”, said Jan Tamas, spokesperson of the initiative. “We have organized demonstrations with thousands of people before, this time we are aiming at having tens of thousands of people. With the support of trade unions, students, league of mayors and other groups this seems possible now.”

“We have abolished the totalitarian regime 18 years ago, but still our democracy has some serious setbacks. We do not consider a real democracy the current situation where our government continues negotiations about the NMD system despite the fact that majority of Czechs oppose it”, said Jan Majicek, the second spokesperson. “Therefore on November 17 we will demonstrate for real democracy.”

The initiative is also urging others abroad who disagree with the US project to protest in front of Czech embassies in their countries on November 17. “It is important to speak up. We cannot be silent on this dangerous armament project which will increase the risk of a new conflict, possibly a nuclear one”, said Ivona Novomestská, member of the initiative. “We have a choice to make as Europeans: Will we let outside powers to decide about our security, or will we take our future in our own hands?”

The “No to the Bases” initiative formed in July 2006 and currently unites more than 60 Czech and international organizations opposing the US plan to establish a new military base in the Czech Republic as part of the National Missile Defense (NMD) System. It has a petition calling for a national referendum on this issue which has been signed by nearly 100 000 people. The initiative has a website at

Jan Tamáš, Ph.D., tel. +420 776 785 839, email:  
Jan Májíček, tel. +420 604 357 215, email:  
Ivona Novomestská. tel. +420 777 232 883 email:  


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