The base will increase international tension and intensify an international arms race!

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Protest of the No Bases Initiative: No to the militarisation of the public scientific institutions

The No Bases Initiative protests strongly against efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (MFA CR) and governmental politicians to involve public research institutions to the armament research.

On Wednesday Jan 1 2008 should MFA CR organise the seminary with the presence of Lt. Gen. Obering in the matter of the Czech firms joining the armament contracts in connection with the attempt to build US radar base on our territory. Also the Academy of Science should take place at this activity, even the way has not been specified yet, but MFA CR has sent to Academy the offer for “joining the Czech science, research etc. to the system of the US antimissile defence. In charge of this agenda is Mrs. Kateřina Weiss - Adviser of Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We strongly protest against the possibility to subordinate scientific research to the military interests. We are sure, that priority must be the civilian research, fully supported by the means of the public budgets. We can point at some fields, what should be firstly solved by politicians in the close cooperation with scientists and researchers, e.g. attempt of economical and effective energetic and watter economy in coherence with ecology.

The “No to the Bases” initiative formed in July 2006 and currently unites more than 60 Czech and international organizations opposing the US plan to establish a new military base in the Czech Republic as part of the National Missile Defense (NMD) System. It calls for a national referendum on this issue. Its website address is

Jan Tamáš, Ph.D., tel. +420 776 785 839, email:
Jan Májíček, tel. +420 604 357 215, email:
Ivona Novomestská. tel. +420 777 232 883 email:

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