The base will increase international tension and intensify an international arms race!

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Happening of the No Bases Initiative: „Government, you are sacked, move away!“


The No Bases Initiative has prepared for the Wednesday Jan 16 2008 a happening in front of the residence of the Government of the Czech Republic with the key note: „Government, you are sacked, move away!“

It is the reaction on the recently published inquiry of the Centre for public meaning research, in which 70% of respondents expressed their disapproving attitude of the US antimissile base erection on our territory.

Even against this clear and long lasting conviction of the most inhabitants of the Czech Republic the reigning Government is continuing the negotiation with the US side.

After the elections the Government hadn´t political mandate and there will be far no moral mandate for such negotiation.

These facts are pressing us to require our Government to resign.

The members of the No Bases Initiative will help the members of Government with packing their things and with the move.

The “No to the Bases” initiative formed in July 2006 and currently unites more than 60 Czech and international organizations opposing the US plan to establish a new military base in the Czech Republic as part of the National Missile Defense (NMD) System. It calls for a national referendum on this issue. Its website address is
Jan Tamáš, Ph.D., tel. +420 776 785 839, email:
Jan Májíček, tel. +420 604 357 215, email:
Ivona Novomestská. tel. +420 777 232 883, email:

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