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Green Security Strategy for Europe: No Missile Defence


The parliamentary club The Greens / European Free Alliance (Greens-EFA) in the European Parliament adopted on 15th January 2008 a new “Green Security Strategy for Europe”.

The document clearly rejects the American attempt to site components of the missile defense system in the (Central) European countries, even if this plan is to be realized under the label of NATO.


                            prepared by Angelika Beer 

     adopted by The Greens / European Free Alliance 15.01.2008 


B.8. No Missile Defence
Recognising global challenges for security and disarmament in times of globalisation, Greens will support all initiatives to prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their carriers, to eliminate  nuclear weapons (eg. through a Nuclear Weapon Convention) and to reduce and control conventional weapons. Inside Europe we want to strengthen the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy - note No to Bases initiative). That means we cannot accept the plans of the so called US missile defence shield in two of our EU member states. Bilateral approaches and decisions in this important issue are out of the question and would at least result in zones of assymetric security inside Europe, with the certainty of provoking a new arms race - particularly in space - as well as being counterproductive to the European Security Strategy and the European Strategy on Weapons of Mass Destruction. We therefore also reject proposals that such a shield be deployed in co-operation with, or by, NATO and/or Russia.

Green Security Strategy for Europe

55 kB, PDF, 27.1.2008

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