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The Czech Government has received its report cards

7.2.2008 - No Bases Initiative
The Czech Government has received its report cards after being the first year in office

On 4.2.2008 the representatives of No Bases Initiative distributed report cards to the ministers before the begining of the Government started its session.

Altogether the Government was evaluated in ten subjects, but only from two subjects has A level - from "physical education" and from "Deceiving and Manipulation".

"We would like to show the fact, that this Government does not act democratic, when pushing ahead something, what 70% citizens do not want," stated the initiative spokesman Jan Tamáš by delivering the report cards, with reference to the last poll made by CVVM to radar. "Thanks that the Government has got F-mark (5) from democracy."

The initiative spokeswoman Ivona Novomestská in the role of teacher delivered the report cards to the ministers. "I am sorry, that Prime Minister Topolánek is using repeatedly the back entrance and even this time we couldn't tell him, that we didn't agree with his inviting foreign army", added Novomestská, when the Prime Minister coming to the Government session didn't use the front entrance of the "Straka´s Academie" again.

Other activities of No Bases Initiative are planned on March 15 2008 14.00 (2 AM) on Hradčanské náměstí, where will take place the demonstration followed by participants march to the US Embassy in Prague. In that day there will take place a row of protest actions in the world, many of them will be aimed to the missile umbrella.

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