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Initiative and the League of Mayers Gave Radar Back To the Government


Monday 10.03.

The No to Bases Initiative along with the League of Mayers against radar have handed over the proposed U.S. radar to the Czech government. The handover was carried out by the representative of the League of  Mayers.

Moreover, ministers were obliged to accept a bill of 882 235,- Czech crowns recalculated for every one minister as a proportional sum of the whole taxpayers' money spent by the government for useless pro-radar propaganda. 

By this way, the No to Bases Initiative responds to the ongoing policy of ignoring public opinion that is overwhelmingly against the proposed U.S. radar base in the Czech republic.

The handover took place on Monday 10.03. at 8:15 a.m. in front of the seat of the government.

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