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Press Release of Humanist Movement 15th March

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All over the world on March 15th people will ask LET'S GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

During the fifth year of the Iraq invasion, all over the world, the Humanist Movement and all associations pursuing peace and nonviolence; from Spain to Argentina, from Guinea to India, from New York to Prague, Rome to Istanbul, are converging to manifest during the week from March 15 to 22 to ask for:

- release of occupied territories
- withdrawal of invading troops
- dismantlement of nuclear arsenals

Giorgio Schultze, European spokesperson for New Humanism, explained the spirit of the protest: "Five years ago on March 19, the United States attacked Irak bringing death to approximately a million persons. This preventive war, never authorized by the UN Security Council, marked a negative trend in international politics. Today they are openly speaking of a preventive nuclear attack in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' dollars are being spent in weapons when the existing ones are enough to destroy the Earth 25 time over. People don't want this craziness. On March 15, a call will be begin to be heard all over the planet, a call that says 'give peace a chance!'"

Let's not forget the injustice begun by the conflict in Iraq
We ask for dignity and rights for all
We ask for the end of all forms of violence!

Events in Czech Republic: Prague (Náměstí Míru from 6pm) and in other cities: Ostrava, České Budějovice, Žďár nad Sázavou a Karlovy Vary

Contact information: Dana Feminová - Spokeperson of Humanist Movement in Czech republic, +420 777 711 911, 


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